Alcohol, Smoking & Sport: How Addictions Affect The Exercise


After an active workout at the gym, some of us do not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying a glass and cool beer or smoke a cigarette. The question arises: “Why?”

Sport and physical activity are very important for maintaining health and youth, but in conjunction with such addictions such as alcohol and tobacco use, the effect of sports can be very different, even radically different. Why it is worth to give up these bad habits, and especially the one who is engaged in bodybuilding – we describe in our today’s article.

Myth: exercise can compensate for the harm caused by alcohol and nicotine

There is an opinion that the benefits, which brings the sport can easily block and to compensate for harm caused by bad habits. However, to rely on this assumption can not be in any case. Drinking alcohol and smoking cause destructive damage to health, no matter what distance you runs or how much weight you squeeze the bench press. Components and substances contained in alcohol and tobacco are highly toxic for the organism, they are poison. After all, you are not going to treat poisoning spoiled food or chadnym gas, in which toxic substances enter the body, through sports? Of course not. Then why many rely offset the detrimental effects of bad habits playing sports?

How does alcohol affect the body?

Our body is able to react even at a small dose of ethanol which falls together with the liquor. After drinking alcohol immediately quickens the pulse and the heart gets a double load. If you regularly practice the use of alcohol and exercise, you can ensure a constant overload of the heart. And for this immediately followed the big problems with the heart and blood vessels.

Bodybuilding, fitness and power sports will not give results in building beautiful, and the relief of the body, building muscle or losing weight, if at the same time to drink alcohol from time to time.

The toxic effect of alcohol on the nervous system and muscles reduces the production of proteins in muscle tissue. Therefore, systematic training, and alcohol intake slows muscle growth by 20-25%. 

Even drinking a dose of alcohol, which can cause mild intoxication – is one bottle of beer or 50 grams of vodka or 2 glasses of wine (200 grams) – you can safely skip a workout. If it has been drunk more alcohol, you can calculate yourself what harm is done to the body.

How smoking affects the body?

During smoking, the most affected person’s lungs. Smokers airways are narrowed, because of this, there are shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. It creates the impression of lack of oxygen. An athlete who smokes, does not receive the required amount of oxygen during exercise. Suffers from a lack of oxygen the entire body – the brain, lungs, heart, blood, cells do not become saturated with the necessary oxygen. 

Carbon monoxide contained in cigarette smoke is the cause of hypoxia – oxygen starvation. All organs and tissues of the smoker, who trains operate in a mode of constant oxygen deficit. And so athletes smokers get tired more quickly and more often injured.

How to combine exercise and bad habits?

The correct answer is – no way! Why – we have already told in detail. Despite this, many people continue to engage in sports, alcohol and smoking. But if your own health and the results of sports is really important to you, you have to sacrifice the parties on the weekends with the use of alcohol and tobacco, not to mention the fact that drinking is also not worth the week. Natural glass of dry red wine once a week – is more or less than the allowable rate of alcohol to those who are actively practicing and waiting for these workouts positive results.

About the harm caused by nicotine on the human body, doctors say regularly, so regardless of whether the person is engaged in sport or not, it is better to abandon this harmful habit. And if the smoker with the experience of planning to start training, then no harm will be examined by a doctor to assess the state of health and to choose the initial range of the permissible exercise.


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