Drying Body For Men : How To Get Rid Of Fat


If you are interested in drying body, so you’ve decided that it’s time to get rid of fat, which not only spoil the figure, but also reflects badly on the health. 

By drying is meant a set of actions aimed at burning fat and maximum preservation of muscle mass. An important role in the diet plays drying. So if you love to eat, this method will be a real test of endurance for you.

3 main drying dogma

– The lack of calories. Spend the calories you need more than to receive, then the body will burn existing stocks.

– A limited amount of carbohydrates. They do not need to completely eliminate, namely limit. 

– Good metabolic process.

We hope that the three main dogma is not to stop you on your way to the perfect figure, because they are easy to implement.


During important measure of drying. It should not deteriorate metabolism. A strict diet slows down metabolism , so fat will be reluctant to leave the body. The fact that the body, feeling hunger, begins sparingly reserves for the sake of self-preservation. The deposits of fat thus begin very slowly consumed. Therefore, if you are set for drying, the body need to cheat, so he did not suspect anything.

It is necessary to keep the same pace of metabolism. However, many systems for weight loss does not take into account this nuance. As a result, the desired result, or does not occur or occurs very slowly. In this case, it is likely that in the near future once again settle fats in the body.

Nutrition during the drying of the body

It is believed that the drying and fats in the diet are incompatible. However, this is misleading. Fats saturated organism useful energy, improve the function of internal organs and hormones. Give preference can fish or fats of vegetable origin.

As already mentioned above, the  carbohydrates should not be excluded from the diet . They are useful to the body and contribute to good metabolism. They only need a limit, so that the body began to consume fat. 


Variants of carbohydrate restriction in the diet:

– Exclusion of carbohydrates in the evening meal portions.

– Rotate the presence or absence of carbohydrates. For example, 1 day – normal amount of carbohydrates, 2 and 3 day – lowered, Day 4 – increasing the number of carbohydrate.

Drying program with alternation of carbohydrate

We offer an example of alternation of carbohydrate for men weighing 80 to 90 kilograms.

Day 1 – normal amount of carbohydrate

– Chicken meat 200g, 200g potato, Chinese cabbage leaf, medium sized tomato.

– Curd 250 g, banana, tangerines 2 pcs.

– Lean fish 200 g, 300 g of rice, half a sweet pepper, cabbage leaf 3.

– beef or veal 100 g, 5 pcs egg whites, 150 g of boiled potatoes, cabbage leaf 2..

– 200 g of chicken meat, rice 60g, lettuce pieces 3, one medium tomato, sweet pepper half, olive oil 1 tbsp.. a spoon.

– 200 g Lean fish, pasta or pasta 70 g, lettuce 2 pieces, one medium tomato..

– Chicken meat 200 g, 200 mL orange juice.

2 and 3 day – a reduced amount of carbohydrate

– Lean fish 200 g, 100 g of cabbage, tomato medium sized one.

– boiled egg whites 8 pcs, zucchini 150g, 2 slices of lemon, parsley leaves..

– boiled egg whites 8 pcs, grapefruit 2 pcs..

– Lean fish 200 g, 100 g of cabbage, tomato medium sized one.

– Fresh fruits: grapes 10 pcs, grapefruit 1/3 of one orange, one kiwi fruit, one walnut, almond 10 pieces, pumpkin seeds 2 tsp….

– Salad with fish: canned tuna cans 2, 2 pieces lettuce, green onions 1 feather half tomatoes, 1 grated bread, olive oil, 1 tsp… 

Day 4 – increasing the number of carbohydrate

– Lettuce:. 100 g of chicken meat, boiled protein 1 units, 100 g of boiled potatoes, cabbage leaf 3, sweet pepper 1/3.

– Curd 200 g, 200 ml yogurt, mandarins 4 pcs.

-.. Chicken meat 100g, soft-boiled eggs 2 pieces, boiled potatoes, lettuce 2 pieces, one medium sized tomato, bell pepper 1/3.

– Salad of fruits: grapes 10 pcs, grapefruit 1/3 of one orange, one kiwi fruit, one walnut, almonds 10 pcs, half an apple…


How to improve metabolism?

There are many ways to improve metabolism and keep it at the desired level. For example, you can make short intervals between meals , it speeds up the metabolism. Portions should be small , consisting of wholesome food. 

Divide the total envisaged number of calories per day for 6 – 8 servings. Of course, such a diet is troublesome, but the result is worth it, and then, when the fractional mode becomes a habit, it will be much easier.

Stimulate the metabolism of systematic and intensive sports. Also trainings promote increased consumption of fats. 

Choosing the type of training depends largely on personal preference. However, experts recommend exercising with weights or doing interval training (active exercises alternated with rest). The latter option effectively herding fat and preserves muscle beautiful that will take power itself, even in a passive mode. To achieve a rapid effect, give preference to cardio. 

Training in the process of drying

Of course, you can leave the training mode for a set of weights (exercises with weights for 6 – 10 repetitions and rest 60 seconds), but the desired result is to advance slowly.

Alternative – make more repetitions with low weight and minimal rest.

Effective cardio, during which fat is burned actively. Especially effective long run at a moderate pace.

Drying effect on the whole body. His areas amenable to its influence. Importantly, do not forget to combine exercise and diet , and then you’ll have a body of which you dream.


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