Find out if any of your passwords have been stolen on this website


Whenever a group of hackers manages to get the passwords of a service , these can end up being filtered to the Network in databases. Troy Hunt, the founder and creator of the famous Have I Been Pwned , has launched a web tool where you can check if your passwords have been stolen.

Check your passwords in Pwned Passwords

Pwned Passwords  has a database of 306 million passwords that have been filtered, so you can confirm if any of your passwords are on those lists. From the website  indicate that you should not send any password that you use actively in any third party service.

Hunt has also made the data available to download , so developers can integrate them into their websites.

The page also serves to explore the passwords that people are still using, which can certainly be quite rare. It is still very common (though it seems incredible) that people continue to use full names as a key, something we already saw when the hacked  Ashley Madison .

If it turns red, you know what to do.


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