How To Play Sports When It Is Hot Outside


When the thermometer outside the window is pulled to 30⁰S, not necessarily to postpone exercise until better times. Exercise can and should be, the main thing to do it correctly and do not overload the body. 

Often, during the summer heat, people refrain from exercising, citing poor health during and after exercise. But if you follow tips, which we describe in the article, even in the hot weather of the sport, you can benefit and enjoy.

Often take a cool shower

Refreshing, cool shower will reduce heat production, which increases during exercise. In addition, it protects against overheating and tones.

Wear light clothes

for exercise clothing should be loose and breathable. Choose light-colored things. Dark colors heat up quickly in the sun and can trigger overheating.

Use a cream that protects from the sun

Even when the summer at the clouds in the sky, UV is still on the skin. So as not to burn out before training outdoors use sunscreen. This is especially true jogging and cycling.

Increase the amount of water consumed

Drink plain water every day is important all year round, however, when it is hot outside, the amount of fluid intake should be increased.

Furthermore, there is little training drink water before and after its completion. It is important to drink it every couple of hours in the amount of 500 – 700 milliliters. Of water daily rate for men 2 liters.

Do not overexert

In hot weather it is advisable to reduce the load. For example, instead of push-ups 30 do 15, instead of 5 approaches make 3. Increased temperatures and heavy loads raise the body temperature, so instead use a risk of harm to receive.

We recall not so long ago, representatives of science of the UK concluded that a two-week vacation from the sport may impair the metabolism and health. That is why it is important, even in hot weather to continue to engage in sports, armed with useful recommendations, which we are told in the article.


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