How to set the alarm in iPhone 5


In addition to displaying the actual time in many cities, in the application “Clock” (Clock) there is also an alarm function. You can set any number of signals and even set them for different graphics – for example, make sure that the signal is turned on only on working days.

    1. Click the Home button. The home screen is displayed.
    2. Click “Clock”. The corresponding screen appears.

    1. Click Alarm. The alarm screen opens.
    2. Click the + icon . The Add Alarm screen is displayed.

    1. Click on the time controls to set the alarm time.
    2. To set the repeat, click Repeat. The corresponding screen appears.
    3. Click the check box next to the day the alarm should ring.
    4. Click “Back”. The Add Alarm screen will open again.

    1. Click on “Sound”. The corresponding screen appears.
    2. Tap a sound to preview it. A tick will appear next to the sound.
    3. After selecting the alarm sound, press “Back”. The Add Alarm screen appears again.
    4. Click Label. The corresponding screen appears.
    5. Enter the name of the alarm.
    6. Click “Done”. The Add Alarm screen appears again.

  1. If necessary, move the “Snooze” switch to “On” or “Off”.
  2. Click “Save”. The “Alarm” screen is displayed.
  3. If necessary, set the signal switch to “On” or “Off”.

Is there an easy way to know if the alarm is on?

Yes. When the alarm is set, the clock icon appears in the status bar.


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