It became known how much Apple sold smart watches in fact


For all the time of its reporting, Apple has never officially announced how many smart watches she managed to sell. Therefore, all the data we learn from analysts, who this time were able to surprise with new data: since 2015, Apple has sold about 30 million Apple Watch.

The new Strategy Analytics report reports that last quarter the corporation sold almost 2.8 million Apple Watch, which is 56% more than in the same period last year. In total, in 2015 sales of smart watches Apple amounted to 13.6 million devices, in 2016 – 11.6 million.

As for Apple’s position among other manufacturers of smart wrist devices, the company is still in third place in terms of both sales and market share, behind Xiaomi and Fitbit. The latter, most likely, will soon be exchanged with Apple places, because it has been a year since the decline in the number of devices sold.

But Xiaomi will not be easy to get around – the Chinese company offers a whole range of accessories at much lower prices.

According to official data of Apple , the income of the corporation from “other products”, which includes Apple Watch, was 2.7 billion dollars in the last quarter, which is a quarter more than last year.


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