Setting up e-mail accounts in iPhone 5


The easiest way to set up an email account on iPhone is to synchronize with your computer. However, if the account is not configured on the computer with which you synchronize your phone, you can configure it on the iPhone.

To do this, you need to know the address, password and name of the service provider. You also need the addresses of the mail servers that the account uses. In the case of Microsoft Exchange, you will also need a domain name.

    1. Click the Home button. The home screen is displayed.
    2. Click the Settings icon. The corresponding screen appears. If you have not yet set up an email account on the iPhone, you can open the Add Account window by clicking the Mail icon on the iPhone home screen.

    1. Tap on the screen and move your finger up to scroll the screen down until the third group of buttons appears.
    2. Click “Mail, addresses, calendars” (Mail, Contacts, Calendars). The corresponding screen appears.

    1. Click Add. This example uses the Gmail account. When setting up accounts in Yahoo! Account or AOL uses the same fields. For an iCloud account, you only need to enter your email address and password. Description of the account settings in iCloud is given in the tooltip.
    2. On the Add Account screen, select the type of account you want to configure. A screen appears that corresponds to the setting of a certain account type.
    3. Click “Name” and enter your name in the form that you want to see in the messages you sent.
    4. Click on “Email” and enter your email address.

    1. Click “Password” and enter the password.
    2. Click “Description” and enter a description.
    3. Click “Next”.
    4. On the account configuration screen, make sure that the Mail switch is set to On.
    5. Turn the “Calendars” switch to “On” or “Off”.

  1. Turn the Notes switch to On or Off.
  2. Click “Save”.
    • A – The account will appear on the screen “Mail, addresses, calendars” (Mail, Contacts, Calendars).

How do I change the name of an account in iCloud?

When setting up the iCloud account, the program asks you to enter only the Apple ID (email address) and password. The account will appear under the name iCloud in the “Accounts” list on the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” screen. To change its name, click the Home button, and then the Settings icon. Scroll down the screen to the third group of buttons, click Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Select the iCloud account, click “Account. Account “. Click “Description” and enter the name of the account. Click Done, and then click Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


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