What should I do if the iPhone is quickly discharged?


The standard iPhone 6s, the larger version of the iPhone 6s Plus and the compact model of the iPhone SE offer (depending on the model) 10 to 12 hours of battery life, of course, when it comes to web surfing, Mail and communication. We are slack, if we say that we never thought about how it would be good if the time of this autonomous work was a little more. And sometimes it happens that the percentage of battery charging is melting just before your eyes. Do not hurry to give in for repairs and even more so throw your iPhone! Today, we will look at how to solve the problem of fast battery drawdown, which in most cases will save not only your nerves, but also money.

Do not rush to conclusions

It does not matter which model you have, whether the iPhone is rebuilt or completely new out of the box. In each case, even the usual download of applications, games, the operation of the mail client and other content can lightly run through the battery. In addition, the constant work of Wi-Fi also adversely affects the percentage of charge. Even the work of Spotlight – the search engine iOS, which has to index all the content on your device – also affects the charging. When wireless data transmitters and device processors are in constant operation, it is not meaningful to expect a decrease in battery consumption.

If the last day or so you used your device very actively, do not worry, as soon as you enter the normal rhythm, excessive battery consumption will stop. And this article will be of little interest to you. However, if the problem lasts for several days and more, then we continue.

Testing the standby mode

If you do not take into account the fact that the system needs some time to finally load, send and shut down an application, the main source of increased battery consumption is that we very much like to “play” with new devices and functions. Particularly relevant this problem becomes with respect to functions such as the application “Live photos”, 12-megapixel cameras and 4K video. The screen is constantly on, memory is constantly being recorded, Wi-Fi is working without rest, incessant calls on the whole list of your contacts – here’s the increased consumption.

In other words, if it seems to you that the battery only works half the time declared by the manufacturer, then the first thing you should decide for yourself is whether you use the device too actively?

To check this, remember the current battery level, and then put the phone back on for 20-40 minutes. At the end of this time, take the phone and see how much charge was spent during this time. If the indicator is not very high, then your device is OK and excessive battery consumption is likely to stop immediately after you return to the normal, not too active use of the device.

If the charge continues to melt even in the device standby mode, we continue to read further.


Reboot is the most frequent response when solving many problems. Why? Yes because it really works. Sometimes a complete reset of everything returns to life even the most “killed” devices.

To reboot the machine:

  • Press and hold the power button and simultaneously the Home button;
  • Hold them until you see the Apple logo on the screen;
  • Release the buttons.

As soon as your smartphone reboots, repeat the previous two tips and check if the charge level has returned to normal mode. If not, continue reading.

Check usage level

The operating system iOS consumes battery power just like a crocodile. So let’s see which programs and services most of all eat your charge.

  • Open the “Settings” menu;
  • Select “Battery” and click on it;
  • Wait until the system calculates the consumed interest;
  • Click on the clock icon to see the level of charge consumption in the background and on the screen;
  • Click also “For the last 7 days” to display a more general value of the battery’s power consumption.

The fact is that the percentage of consumption indicates only recent activity. If you, say, have just downloaded (updated), the system will show the percentage of battery consumption level during this process. Once you stop downloading, everything should return to normal mode. However, if you see that the system shows what you recently used, for example, Facebook and the consumption level on the screen is 4 percent, and in the background all 40 percent, then we really have a problem.

In this case, one of the solutions may be the forced shutdown of the application consuming too much energy. After that, the level of consumption should return to normal.

  • Double tapping the Home button will bring you to the quick switch screen between recently used applications;
  • Svaypom choose an unnecessary application card;
  • We press on it and, not letting go, by a sharp movement of a finger we deduce it outside the screen.

If you think that some application is misbehaving, you can simply reinstall it, or choose another one that works more steadily and does not consume battery power that much.

Reset to factory settings

It often happens that restoring a system from an old backup is not entirely successful. And in this case, the phone does not just begin to consume a lot of battery, but also, it’s called, “shitless”. It would seem that we make a backup from a completely workable system, but when you restore it everything is the same as the reverse. If you think this is the case, then the best way to solve the problem will be to return the phone to the factory settings. Of course, doing this is recommended in the most extreme cases, but nevertheless, if nothing else helps, there is only one way out.

In this case, you will have to reinstall everything, including passwords and settings. In addition, you can lose all the saved progress in your games, the statistics of your physical activity and so on. But in most cases, a full reset really helps restore the level of battery consumption to the normal rhythm. If you are not sure how to do this, it is better to consult a specialist or a person who is familiar with this process.

Contact Apple

If you are faced with a problem that you can not solve on your own, you should contact Apple technical support. As in the case of any other electronics, Apple devices are also not immune from such problems. You can contact the nearest Apple Store directly, or if the nearest Apple Store is from you except in a neighboring country, then simply call 8 800 555 6734 (for Russia). They work round the clock.

Power Saving Mode

If the battery consumption level is normal, but you would like the battery life to be higher, then you can use a special battery case. If you do not have such a thing at hand, then you can go another way: use the energy saving mode.

  • Open the settings;
  • Select “Battery”;
  • Enable power saving mode.

When this mode is enabled, the slider will turn green, and the battery icon in the tray (on the main screen) will change to yellow. The mode will automatically turn off as soon as the battery charge is increased to 80 percent, so if you want it to be constantly on, you will have to go to the settings each time.

In addition, you can enable the power saving mode with the help of Siri. Just say: “Hey Siri, turn on low power mode!”.

Increase battery life

If you and the power saving mode seem insufficient, here are some tips that will slightly increase the battery life of your device:

  • Hide the Clock application icon in the folder. Her animation uses the resources of the GPU;
  • Set the time at which the screen will be automatically locked for 1 minute;
  • Turn off all unnecessary sounds. For example, clicks when typing;
  • Use headphones, not the speakers when listening to radio and music;
  • Lower the brightness of the screen;
  • Turn Bluetooth off when not in use;
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use.


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